Time to connect with our Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a such a powerful source of energy. It provides us with life and existence. Sometimes we take so much for granted, we forget to take time to care and connect to our Mother Nature. With the recent tragedy happening currently in Australia, I would like for as many of us to join in for a meditation for the universe.

In this wordly disaster it is sad to comprehend the millions of animals burnt alive. Natural habitats facing mass destruction. So many homes have been lost. It is upsetting to know people’s lives are turned upside down, they have lost members of their families, friends and communities.

People attempting to save lives in risk of their own lives. If we could just dedicate some time to help connect us with the world, for peace, solidarity, and mediate to our Mother Nature to help emulate a powerful energy to save our universe. Please join us for a meditation this Sunday at 10.30am for a 31 min healing meditation.

Thank you so much. God Bless!

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