Time for a change - Current affairs of covid19

It’s crazy to see how far and beyond people we go to serve what they believe is their purpose of life. Sometimes we just need to except the here and now, yes it’s hard when we can over think or be anxious. Just breathe. Seriously, I’ve been working on this since the last Mother Nature distraction of hurricane in Cuba (2017). After coming home, I realised that I wasn’t sure of what I am doing in my life. I felt my purpose wasn’t true to my authentic self. After so many years of rollercoasters. I feel finally free, I feel like the deep rest, the cap on my work hours, reading a book when I felt the need to, meditating, praying, connecting to my soul. That’s what I feed now.

Social distancing is actually one of my speciality’s. Becuase even in a room full of people, you can feel so alone. So the best way to relieve that feeling is to spend time alone. It is a consistent journey, with highs and lows, and I accept that. But for now, people are distressed with the current virus. I feel we need to serve Mother Nature, we need to go back to basics, simplify our means as a community.

We need to support one another.

I know how much I have harped on about this for a while, and to be honest I get ignored. I understand why I get ignored, Becuase it’s not making people money that they are chasing, or serving the ego, it’s not fulfilling the eat, sleep, work routine people believe in. At the end of the day we came here with nothing, and we will leave with nothing. Everything is momentarily. So I believe nothing can be more important than connecting to your soul, to the Devine light, to my Vaheguru, and to be as best help to others. These months will be tough, maybe years, so all this stockpiling people have done or thinking about me, me, me. How about we just stop, take a breath, take some rest, connect to Mother Nature, be at one with yourself. That’s the best thing that could happen, and we all have this collective mind frame TOGETHER. Just imagine how much life an change, from 5 months from now, or 5 years from now. We are all connected so let’s root for one another. Now it’s time for change, for a purpose greater than just the figures you make, or the clothes you wear, be free- be who you were supposed to be.

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