Sculpting Stubborn Fat

Aqualyx is a new and effective alternative to liposuction and other fat reduction treatments. The Aqualyx treatment does not require surgery. Without going under the knife and staying at hospital. Results aren’t immediate after each treatment - swelling may take a few weeks to subside, and it typically takes three to eight weeks for fat deposits to become noticeably reduced. You have to have 2-8 sessions to gain the best results.

The side effects of fat loss injections are mild. You may experience some pain, light bruising or swelling around the injection area for a few days after treatment. This treatment is not suitable for certain clients, such as pregnant or lactating women or those with certain health conditions like diabetes, liver or kidney disease, or skin issues.

What does Aqualyx contain?

Aqualyx contains the following naturally occurring ingredients:

• Deoxycholic acid

• Buffering chemicals

• Sodium chloride

• Red microalgae sugars

• Other sugars

• Water

Aqualyx injection lipolysis is suitable for patients who cannot achieve their desired look despite eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. It is unsuitable for significantly overweight patients. So if your committed to a healthy lifestyle and making the conscious decisions to loose weight then these injections can work in your favour.

The areas suitable for small areas of stubborn fat -

  • Double chin (pocket of fat under the chin)

  • Back fat - Bra back fat

  • Arm fat (bingo wing area) - an alternative to arm liposuction

  • Fat-dissolving injections for stomach fat and six-pack definition/six packs abs

  • Love handles

  • Flanks and waist

  • Inner and outer thighs

  • Bingo wings

  • Fat knees /fat above knees

Here I’m going to show you results of shaping up under the face and the jowls area. This client had three treatments and the unwanted fat had disappeared. Check out the result.

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