My Beauty Routine - Look your best in 2022

There is a lot of misinformation out there on

how to look after your skin. I am going to share

with you my experience and techniques that have worked for me.

I was always told that if you want to look

younger, then eat a healthy diet and exercise

regularly. Well, that is just half the truth. A

healthy diet is important for many reasons but it

does not necessarily mean you will have good

skin. I have my fair share or breakout of acne or stress related marks and even picking my skin under stress. I suppose it just motivated me further in wanted to get the best in what I can achieve.

I have always been a believer in taking care of

your skin, but as I got older I noticed that some

areas of my face were not as youthful as they

used to be. So I decided to take action and have

some treatments done. I have never been one

for doing anything drastic (like Botox) but I

wanted something that would make me look

younger without anyone knowing what I had

done. I believe in botox without freezing all of the muscles. As we should have room to express our emotions. So I noticed lines on my forehead a few years ago as covid started. And I knew it was time to start the process for my self. I always did the facials however the pick me up here and there is needed to ease off the muscles from forming static lines.

Things like profhilo have helped my skin bounce back and remodel the shape. It even helped promote healthier, softer-looking skin with a glow. It’s something I truly love, even using on clients as it makes such an impact without looking over done.

Skincare has always been my interest and It's important to look after your skin as it's one of our most valuable assets! I've used hydra facial’s with a mask to deeply cleanse my

skin, peels and mesotherapy for the marks and enhancing the skin texture. LED weekly for skin healing and cell rejuvenation, Masks for when my skin needs a pick me up. These are all part of my routine weekly or monthly depending on how much time i want to spend on myself.

So when I get told “oh but you have good skin, you surely don’t need to do anything”. Well the truth is I actually I keep on top of my skin with all these various treatments which I do myself. As I trust my own judgement on making sure I still look natural.

I have been in the beauty industry for over 11

years and have had the opportunity to work

with some amazing people. I have always been

fascinated by the concept of beauty and how it

can be achieved through different means. I have had the chance to work with some of the best professionals in their field, who have taught me a lot about skin care and beauty treatments.

Full rejuvenation consultations and packages are fabulous as everything is explained in depth and tailor-made to each individual. Just like how I have for myself. If you would like to book in please get in touch on 07581063519.

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