Filters Vs Aesthetics

In a world consumed by filters we are raising a nation of individuals who really get preoccupied, and to be frank ‘obsessed’, with a looking a certain way.

This dysmorphia, we could say, is filling the pockets of Aesthetics and plastic surgeons.

For us at Allure Clinique, our aim to make people feel confident in their own skin and our aim is to only enhance their natural beauty. We feel natural beauty shines from within and we should not feed a market that makes us feel like we need to look like filters.

We are competing against, not only airbrushed images of celebrities, but our own airbrushed filters and I personally, as an Aesthetic Practitioner, feel it’s my duty both ethically, to address the concerns of people’s perceptions and to also inform them of the truth of what is achievable with a little enhancement with treatments such as Botox, facial treatments, profihilo and filler treatments. I also help them understand the enhancements and treatments and to be comfortable in their own skin.

People always ask what makes you so different?

Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t intend to make a profit on someone feelings or lack of self-esteem, of being disadvantaged from their own competition with a filter.

I give people a tailor-made package for their facial aesthetics and inner beauty. Providing this style of service makes me unique in the market. As each individual deserves a right to feel confident within their own skin.

This canvas is a priceless package.

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