Enough Already! Time to understand why fat pads are important.

Understanding fat pads is a crucial part for all aesthetician’s. Overtime changes under the skin being to take an effect on the appearance of our faces. This then makes us look more tired, older and depleted in our skin. This is why as an aesthetic practitioner we aim to use our artistic eye to create a new refreshed look, enabling to skin to look more awake, less sunken in parts of the face and overall a renewed look.

But what actually is fat pads? Fat pads are areas of closely packed, subcutaneous fat cells. Generally significant weightloss, trauma and general ageing can diminish fat pads. Fat pads are also in other parts of the body, such as under your feet and joints etc.

Here are some examples of what actually happens to the skin as time changes us.

  • As volume is lost below the eyes, undereye “palebral bags” can appear (which were previously hidden under the superficial fat pads).

  • Jowls form and can lead to a “turkey neck” appearance.

  • Eyebrows and eyelids droop causing the “Brow Ptosis”.

  • Wrinkles and lines become more obvious due to the loss of fat to plump them out.

  • Temples and cheeks become hollow.

  • The tip of the nose may droop.

  • Nasolabial folds become deeper and look more separate.

  • Lips straighten or look upside down forming marionette lines.

  • The jawline sags and becomes less defined.

All these affects that take place in our skin can be not be completely stoped. Obviously good skincare will help improve the elasticity. However it can not add more fat pads into the skin. With detailed face mapping assessment we can actually guide clients into aiding in giving your skin plumpness, refining wrinkles and diminishing the sunken skin. So if your looking to improve your look with a in-depth assessment of your skin. Book in for a consultation and we can guide you through a new refreshed face.

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