Dear Self, it’s time to step into 2020 being you!

Having a love affair with yourself is an endless gateway into so many possibilities. I doubt there’s a person out there that doesn’t feel a magnetic pull towards dressing up, getting dolled up or even groomed up, in order to appease their self image. Whatever your style, you're comfy being you! 

Almost all of us have a love/hate relationship with our bodies. I certainly feel uncomfy at times with my overindulged chocoholic hips, unless I find the perfect figure hugging dress, the perfect colour lipstick or my long thick lashes, of course. The way I ‘dress up’ locks my inner inhibitions to love the way I look.

Wake up and smell the coffee, from a skinny to a full fat latte... it’s simply coffee. Beautifully thin or curvatiously curvy, it’s simply our shape (I've certainly picked my fair share of curves). We are who we are and we need to adore ourselves.

From riches to rags, naturally beautiful to dramatic drag queens, it really does not matter, we just need to carry our personal “Alluring Obsession”. Take this note on for the coming year and never forget who you truly are. Happy New You!

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