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ABOUT ME & Allure Clinique 

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"Get a cuppa, sit back and enjoy my story"

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had the confidence within your own skin?  I'm here to help you overcome your doubts and encourage you to walk out the door looking and feeling your best. For me, looking your best is not only about following trends, it's about finding the techniques developed as an Aesthetic practitioner who specialises in mind body and soul which compliment you and enhance your natural beauty. Isn’t it time to shine the way you’re supposed to?

As an Aesthetic Practitioner, i am passionate about skin and skin health and how i could make a difference to you.  Here's my story as your trusted practitioner. I have fallen into this journey with the prime objective to operate ethically and with integrity. This has led me into the field of advanced aesthetics, advanced esthetician , organic skincare,  understanding the science of hair, cosmetic science, the  development of products, cosmetic tattooing- Semi Permanent makeup and microblading.  I have divulged into these fields in thorough depth to suit the needs of my clients.  

I am also qualified in BSC Business Psychology and management at UCE and BSC in Psychology at Worcester university.  As the development in my career is forever adjusting and learning to suit the needs of my personal development and for my clients. I trained as a kundalini yoga teacher in New Mexico, a Tony Robbins- self development course and even Landmark. All of these courses and training have given me my ability to shine in who i am and own myself, and further encourage others. 


Now you know a little more about me, I hope that you can see i strive to provide you with a complete care package . I feel my own personal life challenges has made me understand how life can feel lonely, isolating and simply tough. Mental health is just as vital to me as any outside of the skin techniques i can provide. This has encouraged me further, to use everything in my experience and qualifications to not just be another business, but a tranquil place feeding the souls to make people look and feel simply amazing. 


I am extremely lucky to have rewarding feedback and a solid stream of my lovely regular customers, who wouldn't go anywhere else.  I am also seeing a lot of new customer which is absolutely amazing!

Hope you enjoyed that cuppa ;)


Gursharon Kaur (sharon)

Meaning of my name in Sikhism - one who takes shelter in the Guru's house.